Proses Engineer

Process Equipment

Upon customer request, we conduct design, manufacturing, assembly, test-control and engineering studies using adequate equipment for a wide range of industries.

From design to delivery ex works, all operations are carried out in accordance with international standards as required by our quality policy.

Process equipment designed to meet the needs of industrial plants is manufactured in our own plant in accordance with customer expectations.

ASTEC works on the subjects of 2D or 3D general layout, equipment design and piping for industrial plants with its strong computer infrastructure and Solidworks licenses. In addition to that, it provides services aimed at preparation of 2D manufacturing technical drawings of 3D solid models, designs of which are completed, for process equipment manufacturing.

ASTEC Endüstri carries out material acquisition, manufacturing and test procedures for pressure equipment, primarily used in industry plants, designed pursuant to ASME/ANSI or EN/DIN standards within different pressure ranges.

Manufacturing and test procedures of process equipment designed by ASTEC are carried out in accordance with below standards: