Chemical industry has a wide range of products and contributes to development of chemical industry as well as other industries since it supplies raw materials and by-products to almost all industries.

30% of Chemical Industry products are produced for end-consumer and the remaining 70% is supplied as raw material or by-products to a multitude of economic sectors including textile, electrical appliances, metal, metal ware, construction, automotive, paper and service industries.

Simple and reliable production and management of Chemical Industry is only possible through correct process design and control at every stage of production. Since variables of production is highly effective in terms of quality and quantity, process management should be carried out with minimum faults. That is why quality threshold is required to be moved up not only in every stages of production from laboratory studies to equipment manufacturing, but also in assembly and commissioning operations.

In chemical processes, ASTEC provides its customers with plants and process equipment designed for a long service life under compelling environment conditions to enhance new investments and existing capacities for increased efficiency.


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